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Our Rights to Political & Economic Freedom (Privacy)

The rights to privacy is necessary for an open society. Privacy is the foundation of a free world. Real Political freedom is censorship resistant and total freedom of speech. Without the ability to protect ourselves via encryption, the security of our personal information and private lives can be seriously damaged. Our rights to political freedom and interference from unjust laws or a repressive regime is paramount and required for political and economic freedom. We have the right to evade censorship on he grounds of genuine freedom of expression and the rights to use anonymous transaction systems. In anonymous and untraceable markets, individuals can trade and make economic and social decisions in a consensual manner and free from unjust government intervention.

We cannot expect the state to grant us privacy, in-fact, we should only expect resistance to privacy, as it is the gate keeper to our personal freedoms. The reality is that we must defend our privacy if we expect to have any. Decentralised user opposes the censorship, monitoring and corruption from the state. The State and Central Banks. The external antagonists. The detractors of decentralisation. Centralised forces.

Thru privacy & digital pseudonyms, we can create a persistent network personas that are un-linkable to the "true names" of their owners. This ensures free speech, especially in allowing controversial opinions. The pseudonyms must be resistant to local government blocking, altering the conventional "relationship topology" of our world.